My Canada Day 2021 Message

July 1, 2021

This year, we are called upon to consider Canada in all its complexities, as confederation marks 154 years, and with more and more Canadians being made aware of its ugly history with respect to its treatment of Indigenous peoples.
The sorrow we as a nation feel with respect to the recent discovery of the unmarked graves of Indigenous children, sadly with more anticipated, needs to be the impetus to acknowledge, and learn from these atrocities, and to unite the country to do our best for a better future for all Canadians, whether First Nations, or the newest of Canadians.
My family history in Canada extends to my first ancestors arriving in the early 1830s. With each passing generation our roots in this country grow and strengthen. It is my home. As with any country around the world, its history has included tragedies that include the blood of other cultures and other nations in times of war. I am reminded how Canadian soldiers from immigrant and Indigenous families fought and honoured each other, side by side, in world conflicts, for this great country, Canada.
On this Canada Day I reflect on how this country was founded, and its history, good and bad, and reflect on why my ancestors chose it as their home and why so many continue to choose Canada as their home today. We have the potential to build on all that is good in Canada, and to protect its democracy, and be proud of what we create together.
I am a proud Canadian, who acknowledges its past, recognizes its present, and has hope for its future.
Emily Brown
Burlington Conservative Candidate
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