In 2021 after winning the Burlington Conservative Nomination Contest, I had just 35 days to reach out to my riding before Election 2021 was called.

Although I placed second, in that short time, I managed to get the most 2nd place votes of any Candidate for any Party in Canada! We have less than 2 years before the next Election. It could be called in 2024 or Trudeau can choose to wait right up until October 2025.

This time I’m ready to hit the ground running as soon as I’m your Candidate. With all the local support I’ve garnered, and with people across my riding ready and willing to campaign with me, we will take back Burlington and turn it BLUE again!    ~ Emily Brown


With YOUR help, Emily can BRING IT HOME for her BURLINGTON RIDING!

Emily brings a wealth of experience to the Burlington Conservative Riding.

Known as someone who steps up to get things done, she does not back down to a challenge.  In her professional and volunteer work, she has gained skills in transformational leadership, governance, strategic planning, external relations, stakeholder management and working across governments.

She is a collaborative, consensus builder who thrives on taking a project from inception to completion.

She is a visionary who not only sees the big picture but also the steps to effectively implement change.



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Tuesday February 27th

I’m hearing from members who are asking me why they are receiving calls, emails and visits from another individual seeking the candidate nomination. They wonder why I haven’t been reaching out to them. At this time, I’m only reaching out directly to my friends & supporters from Election 2021. I am being mindful of the nomination rules and procedures which provides me with access to the private and confidential Membership List only when I’ve been approved by the Party to run.

To date, no one has been approved as a Candidate Nominee in Burlington as that will not happen until our Riding Nomination is Closed by the Party. Once I am approved to officially run as a Nominee, I guarantee that I will be in contact with each and every member of my riding.

In the meantime, I’ve been hosting public Coffee Meets at various locations around my Burlington Riding, giving people a chance to meet with me. Some who attend are already Conservative Party Members. Others come out to talk with me to learn why they should join to support my bid to be renominated as the federal Conservative Candidate. Only Members of the Conservative Party who live in the Burlington Riding can vote for me in a Nomination Contest! If you would like to receive my Email Updates, subscribe at the bottom of this page. I’ll keep you informed as to what’s happening with our Riding’s Nomination Process.

I’ve also been knocking on doors and bringing the Conservative’s Common Sense message to people that live in my riding. If you would like to meet me, please attend my next event – Meet Emily Brown at Nickel Brook Brewing Co.! This event is open to those that live in the Riding of Burlington – Conservative Members and Non Members alike! Meet me and find out why I have so much support from Burlington and beyond!

TEAM EMILY has been busy knocking on doors for Emily Brown. Emily is running to be the Conservative Party of Canada Candidate for her home Riding of Burlington!

Help us spread the word. Emily is the best choice to lead the Burlington Conservatives into the next Federal Election!

But first she needs you to JOIN and VOTE for her!

Let’s Axe the Tax, Fix the Budget, Build the Homes and Stop the Crime!

To buy a Conservative Party of Canada Membership to support Emily, just click the image below.

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on THE NEWS FORUM’S CANADIAN INNOVATORS series.

Guest host Ves Sobot and I discuss how today’s students are struggling to understand and work with numbers.

Join Me Now!  It’s Time To. . .

I’m very honoured to have the backing of so many great people from my Riding of Burlington and beyond!

Thank you all!

Find more endorsements HERE

The Common Sense Convention was an awesome event! Great conservative fellowship in Quebec City! Let’s BRING IT HOME with Pierre Poilievre!

Since being elected as Candidate in 2021, I’ve been working with the Burlington Conservative Association to ‘Better My Community’!

♦ In June 2021, I was elected by Burlington Conservative Association members to run as the Conservative Candidate in the Burlington Riding in the next general federal election. ♦  Just 35 days later during the 2021 Federal election, I placed second to incumbent Karina Gould. I received the most ‘second place votes’ of any Candidate from any Political Party in Canada in Election 44. ♦ After the Election I became the Candidate of Record for the Burlington Riding. ♦ On Remembrance Day 2021, I was honoured to lay a wreath on behalf of the Association at the Burl Oak Naval Veterans Sunrise Service at the Naval Ships Memorial Monument at Spencer Smith Park. ♦ At Christmas I helped plan a 2021 BCA Christmas Skating Party for association members, Election campaign volunteers and their families. ♦  In March 2022, my Association held our AGM which I took part in. ♦ In 2022, we held two events (one in the spring & one in the fall) to educate and raise money & awareness for the people of Ukraine. Our spring event was held at the Polish Hall on March 26th. I was honoured to be Master of Ceremonies along with special guest speakers Christian Borys of Saint Javelin, MP Dan Muys,Krystina Waler of Help Us Help, and Konstantyn Sheweli, President of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada – Hamilton Branch. ♦ On May 1st, 2022, we were part of a group of EDAs to organize a GTA West Leadership Meet & Greet where those all candidates seeking the Conservative Party leadership participated to share their views and policies and meet with those who attended. Over 1000 people attended. ♦  In the summer of 2022, I spoke at a BBQ & Lawn Bowling event that was held for members and their families. ♦ In early September 2022, before the CPC Leadership Vote deadline, I collected last-minute vote submissions from local members and delivered them to Ottawa to ensure that every member had the opportunity to cast their vote for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. ♦  In the fall of 2022, on November 9th, we held a Pints & Politics with MP Melissa Lantsman, Deputy Leader of the Opposition. This was a Sold-Out event. ♦ For Remembrance Day 2022, I was once again honoured to lay a wreath at the Naval Veterans’ Memorial at Spencer Smith Park on behalf of the Burlington Conservative Association. ♦ Our fall ‘Burlington Community Uniting for Ukraine’ event was held on November 19th, and we had MP Dan Muys, President of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress Peter Schturyn, and Lukas Daschko from Saint Javelin Head Office as speakers. I acted as Master of Ceremonies. ♦ In December 2022 we held our Annual Christmas Party at the Holiday Inn. It was a great day to mingle with members of our EDA, enjoy good food and listen to lovely music provided by two local high school musicians. ♦ …

♦ To date, in 2023 I’ve helped to plan and hold two BCA Town Halls – the first in February, on Affordability and the second, in April, on Public Safety. I acted as Moderator and special guest speakers were invited by me. Both Town Halls were well attended by community members. More are being planned as part of our BCA Town Hall Series. ♦  This spring I attended 3 BCA grassroots policy events with neighbouring EDAs – 2 Roundtables and a GTA West Policy & Constitution Workshop. Two of our EDA policy proposals were advanced into CPC’s Ideas Lab as a result of these grassroots events. ♦ On April 19th we held our Delegate Selection Meeting. As Burlington Candidate of Record, I was an automatic delegate for our CPC Common Sense Convention in Quebec City. ♦ In 2022, and 2023, we have continued with our annual Clean Up Green Up event, a community initiative by Burlington Green marking Earth Day. I am always pleased to help clean up a part of my Burlington Riding each year, even in the rain! ♦ In June 2023, our Association held their AGM and it was great to have an in-person AGM again! ♦ In September 2023, over 2,500 participants from across Canada attended the CPC Convention in Quebec City. Several Riding Association members attended, including the EDA President and myself. ♦  In September I attended the Appleby Street Festival, spreading the ‘Bring it Home’ message. ♦ This fall, we hosted a Pints & Politics event at Hagerty Garage & Social on October 10th with guest MP Scott Aitchison. The exotic cars and the MP’s Q & A session were a real draw and made for another Sold-Out event! ♦ This year, as I’m currently a Nomination Contestant, seeking to be Candidate once again, I laid my own wreath at the Cenotaph in honour of my Veteran family members. My father and mother are both buried in Veteran’s plots in Brampton. ♦ It was an awesome fundraiser on November 20th at the beautiful Burlington Golf & Country Club with the CPC Convention opening keynote speakers as our special guests. 100% of the fundraiser contributions stay in our Riding to help elect a Conservative MP! Once again, I got to hear from Lieutenant-General (retd) Michel Maisonneuve & his wife Major (retd) Barbara Maisonneuve give a rousing speech. ♦ And finally, for this year I had the opportunity to meet up with local association members at the BCA Members’ Christmas Party on December 7th. It was great speaking with our new Ontario National Councillor Alex Corelli, who attended our event and brought a message from our National Council. There were ‘Bring It Home’ draw prizes, and of course there was Santa!♦

My hope is to once again be nominated as the Burlington Riding Candidate, and to be able to continue this great work along with the Burlington Conservative Association Members, Board of Directors and the Conservative Party of Canada! Let’s bring on the next election, so I can get to work and represent all Burlington Riding residents here & in Ottawa! Let’s Bring It Home!

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