Emily’s Meet & Greet Positive Response

June 14, 2021

The response from Burlington Conservative Party Members to Emily Brown’s strong showing in the June 10th Meet and Greet has been extremely positive.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing resulting from this event has been the level of engagement and offers of support from Conservative Party members, young people, donors and supporters.  These people are attracted to Emily’s message of unity, teamwork, commitment and participation.  Her business acumen, teaching experience and record of volunteerism resonates strongly with supporters who understand that the best way to unseat an incumbent Liberal MP and Cabinet Minister is with a high profile candidate whose education, qualifications and background reflects a track record of success and accomplishment.

Burlington is historically a Conservative riding, but a win is by no means a certainty.  Like Canada it is comprised of people across a broad demographic, drawing from many cultures and backgrounds. These people want to be heard.  They want to feel valued.  They want to be recognized. They want to feel like they have a future in this country and a stake in this community.  Therefore, to win this riding we need a candidate who possesses strong communication skills.  We need someone who can engage, inspire, motivate and lead.  We need a candidate who can articulate a different vision and future.  We need a candidate who is prepared to invest the time, energy and dedication to secure a victory.

In summary, to win we need a highly credible candidate.  That candidate is Emily Brown.

Team Emily

Feedback from Meet & Greet Attendees:

“Emily Brown. A true professional; authentic, knowledgeable, exceptional candidate for the nomination for the Conservative candidate to represent Burlington as our MP!”
– Dorothy Borovich

“Emily Brown is clearly prepared to serve Burlington – she is knowledgeable about policy, speaks clearly and concisely about solutions – all bundled in a therapeutic personality.”
– Veso Sobot, P.Eng.

“After the candidate meet and greet there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Emily Brown is “the best candidate” to be facing off against Karina Gould. As a long-time Conservative and a Board member for the Burlington EDA, I will be confidently casting my vote for Emily Brown.”
– Colette Ertel

“It’s clear that Emily Brown has a thorough understanding of not only the Conservative policy platform, but also of the issues with the current Liberal government policy, and how Conservative government will better serve Canadians. She is articulate, passionate, and will be a strong and capable voice to represent Burlington in the House of Commons.”
– Emily Thomson

“I had an opportunity to review last night’s candidates’ meeting, and was favourably impressed with Emily Brown.  In my opinion, she came across as a knowledgeable, sincere and conscientious leader who would be an effective spokesperson for our community.  During the debate she appeared relaxed, thoughtful and reflective, and demonstrated that she would not only listen to Burlington residents but would also act on their behalf.  Most importantly, I sensed she understood the needs of different generations of voters, and would be a credible candidate for the Conservative Party in the next federal election.”
– Larry Ira McDonald, P.Eng. Retired CEO of Ira MCDonald Const. LTD.  Founding & Life Member of Merit Ontario & Merit Canada.

“Emily is a lifelong conservative. Emily is sincere and authentic and has the ability to think on her feet.
For a Meet & Greet, the questions were hard ball.  Emily came prepared.
Her answers were knowledgeable, forthright and unflinching.
I was very impressed with Emily’s passionate and affirmative answer to the question concerning engagement with young Conservatives.”
– Robert Whittaker

“Emily’s performance at the BCA Meet & Greet demonstrated again that she is the most qualified candidate for the job. She is able to demonstrate compassion, understanding, and eloquence in speaking about issues important to our community and Canada.”
– Jackson Carter

“Emily presented herself as a knowledgeable and credible candidate for our Riding.”
– Ed Dorr

“I was born and raised in Burlington.  I own and operate a small business that employs 15 people.
In reviewing last night’s meet and greet, we were impressed with Emily’s answers to the various questions, in particular Emily’s stand on support of small business.  The ineptness of the current Liberal party to see past their own agendas have this country in a tail spin, further behind where we should be.   We feel Emily will best convey the needs and wants of Burlington’s small businesses and citizens.
The Liberal government has taken advantage of Canadians during the Covid Pandemic, using it and the media to enforce and impose a number of restrictions on liberties.  One such liberty is the ban on a number of firearms.  We appreciate Emily’s knowledge and expertise in the world of sports shooting and her stance to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens who currently own/possess firearms as well as new participants wanting to own firearms for sport and hunting, part our Canadian heritage.”
– Lee Collins

“Emily Brown demonstrated a clear and concise understanding of all issues that were presented to her. She was methodical in all her responses and maintained a coherent position. Emily spoke freely and candidly when answering questions. She definitely has my vote for Burlington MP Candidate 2021.”
– Colleen Waddell

“We were very impressed with your performance at the meet and greet nomination event. It was great to see how well prepared you were, the in depth understanding of the issues and platform and what it takes to win the riding in the election. We are delighted to support you.”
– Gerhard Gerber

“She has way more knowledge and background of current events.  Didn’t have to have a question repeated.”
– Paul O

“Emily impressed me with her answers. She kept her focus on the question & answered in a professional manner as I expect from a Conservative MP.
Emily is aware of current events in Canada & in her own city. For instance, Burlington has an issue with human trafficking and she showed confidence by mentioning this. Considering I have never heard any other candidate running speak of this, suggests to me that Emily cares about what is happening within her own community.
Emily remained respectful towards Erin when she mentioned his name which confirms she is a team player who will use her leadership skills to work with Erin, not against him or the Conservative party.
She has a solid foundation of loyalty to the Conservative party and after hearing her speak last night, I know she is ready and able to tackle questions from other parties at debates with knowledge, professionalism and facts to back up her statements.
I was 99.9 percent sure I was voting for Emily. I am now 100 percent sure.”
– Dani

“I was impressed with Emily’s presentation and preparation for the event. She never floundered and came across as very competent and hard working. She has a very positive tone about her. I will be voting for Emily.”
– Johanne

“I really enjoyed watching the Conservative Candidate nomination event last night. In particular I was impressed with Emily Brown. She handles herself confidently and can speak on all of the issues without needing to refer to notes or prompts.”

“It has been far too long since I’ve been inspired and impressed by a candidate. Watching Emily during the nomination debate was refreshing and invigorating and I know she is the right candidate for Burlington.”

“Watching Emily during the nomination left me feeling inspired and motivated. She is experienced, passionate and authentic. It’s refreshing to see someone like Emily run for politics and I know she is the right candidate in Burlington.”

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