Heartbroken cannot begin to describe how I feel about the 215 children found buried near the residential school in Kamloops. This tragedy magnifies the loss of culture, language, family, and dignity that these families endured. Generational trauma continues on in the descendents of those who survived. Every one of these children needs to be identified and returned to their families. #everychildmatters

My cousin shared these support resources that were posted for his community, and I share them now, for those who may need them now, or later.
“For anyone who may need support, or just someone to talk to/ grieve with, with regards to today’s revelation about the 215 bodies being found at the residential school in Kamloops BC. It is my understanding that there may be more little ones found. Prayers up.
IRSSS Emergency Crisis line is available 24/7 for those that may need counseling support from today’s announcement.
You can also call Talk4Healing 1-855-554-HEAL they offer support in 14 languages.
Kids Help Phone helping Indigenous, Inuit & Metis youth: 1-800-668-6868
Indigenous Crisis Support: 1-855-242-3310 offer services in Cree, Ojibwe, Inuktitut, English & French.”

Colby Cosh: Remains of 215 children at Kamloops residential school the reality of odious system

Colby Cosh
May 31, 2021
Picture – National Post


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