Bill C-208 – (transfer of small businesses or family farm or fishing corporation)

Did you know that it was more expensive to sell a small business or farm to a family member than to a complete stranger?

Conservative MP Larry Maguire for Brandon-Souris, tabled legislation, Bill C208 last fall to change this unfair tax burden, with the final vote taking place in the House this past week. Luckily with Conservative support and a few other MPs, this Bill passed. Burlington Liberal MP Karina Gould and many other Liberal MPs voted against this Bill, as they are looking to maintain these tax revenue sources to fund their spending.

Many small businesses and farms are due to be passed down to women, so when the Liberals say we need to support women business owners, while not supporting this Bill, it is nothing short of hypocritical. Read more about Bill C208 here. And thank you Larry Maguire!

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