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Who is Emily Brown?


Emily and her husband live in the Burlington Riding. Emily is a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Burlington Conservative Association.

She is a mom of two grown sons. She is an educator, a consultant, and a mathematics professor & researcher. As a Canadian, she is alarmed with what is happening to Canada under the Trudeau ‘NDP-Liberal’ coalition government.

Emily ran in the 2021 Election. Although she came in 2nd to the Liberal incumbent, she received the most second place votes of any Candidate from any Party in all 338 ridings in Canada!

Emily wants to be Burlington’s Candidate once again and win Burlington back for the Conservative Party under the Leadership of Pierre Poilievre. Please join Emily’s Team and help her turn  Burlington BLUE and become our Member of Parliament next election!

Here’s Emily’s Professional background:


For Emily to be elected as our Burlington Candidate she needs members that live in our Burlington Riding to be able to VOTE FOR HER!

The Riding of Burlington has different boundaries than the City of Burlington, so make sure you live in the Burlington Riding. Please check the riding map here: Burlington Riding.

Right now, Emily is running to be our Candidate in the Burlington Nomination.

CPC needs to have a strong qualified Candidate in place for another possible SNAP Federal Election!

HELP SELL NEW CPC MEMBERSHIPS FOR EMILY BROWN! More details here: Buy a Membership

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