If you are NOT a CPC MEMBER,

then please BUY a MEMBERSHIP NOW to support Emily Brown!

If there is a Nomination Race, then you can only VOTE for Emily if you are a member in good standing.

You can become a new member for just $15 for one year.

Note: an Ontario PC membership is NOT a Conservative Party of Canada Membership

Once you do buy a CPC membership to support Emily, please let Emily know!

She’s keeping count! THANKS!

Just email Emily at emily@emilybrown.ca and say, “Hey – I just bought a membership so I can support you!

ONLINE with credit card: Buy a CPC MEMBERSHIP ONLINE using any major Canadian credit card: https://donate.conservative.ca/membership/


BY MAIL with credit card or cheque: Use a PRINTABLE MEMBERSHIP FORM (Single & Family forms available) with cheque payable to ‘Conservative Fund Canada‘. Forms can be downloaded here: https://donate.conservative.ca/membership/

Mail the printable form and cheque payment to this address (or let Emily’s team mail this for you):
Conservative Party of Canada
1800-66 Slater Street,
Ottawa ON, K1P 5H1

If you need assistance with purchasing a membership or renewing a lapsed one, paying online or downloading a printable form, then please contact Emily here: Contact Emily

If you are a member or think you are – you can check to see if your membership is valid.

If you know your membership number – check here:  https://www.conservative.ca/membership-check/

If you are not sure you can call the CPC Help Desk and ask – 1 866 808 8407

Important reminder: Only those individuals or families who purchase a membership of three (3) years or more will receive a membership card from the Party’s National Headquarters. Please ensure that you save your confirmation e-mail as proof of your online transaction.

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